Canadian History in the 20th Century

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20th Century Canadian History Grade 10 Ontario Academic

This course follows the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum for grade 10 20th century Canadian history. Reading will be emailed to students upon booking. Students will also do independent on line research on topics related to each class. Students who are already taking 20th Century Canadian history can request tutorial help on class topics or assignments.


Class 1 1900-1928 – Growth, Sacrifice and Dreams of Peace  

Class 2 1929-1945 – Depression and the Horrors of War

Class 3 1946-1967 – Pursuit of Security, Prosperity and Unity

Class 4 1968-1983 – Conflicts and Economic Challenges  

Class 5 1984 to the Present: North American Reality  

Class 6 Defining Canada in the 20th Century



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