HSK 1 Vocabulary explanation, the application in sentences

JoJo Bing

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Vocabulary is the most basic unit that makes up a language study.
Learners should have a clear grasp of the composition of the vocabulary: Chinese characters pronunciation, tone and the
tone Change of Chinese Characters, pinyin, writing strokes and sequences, the composition of the word and so on.

The next step is to understand the meaning of each word, the meaning of the combination of words, at the same time to
extend the study, these words can also form the daily expression.

Mastering the meaning of vocabulary, then we must learn how to use words in sentences.

Foundation is the top priority: if we learn the foundation well, listening, speaking, reading and writing can be
successfully mastered, and used freely.


1. Within one month (4 lessons) : the children (7-12years old) can sing Chinese song and make self-introduction 2. Within three months (12 lessons): the adults can make daily communication
1. Make the difficult much easier for students 2. Simulate the great interests to study 3. Visiable study results


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