Speak Bengali like a Bengali

Sraboni Das

I teach Math, Science and English Communication till std 9 in an I.S.A CERTIFIED SCHOOL (by British council) for 5 years. I have been actively involved in training award winning students (both senior and junior) for inter school quiz and other competitions. So, I know how to motivate the weak students to perform well and how to bring out the best in bright students. I have been conducting online classes for 3 years now. I teach languages online. Namely, Bengali, English and Hindi

Price : US $12.00

Bengali is considered as one of the sweetest languages spoken in India. Join me and make your learning experience easy and fun :) :) 

Bengali is my mother tongue and the first language I ever learnt and speak every day. My Spoken Bengali Classes are very interactive and students are encouraged to speak a lot. I make them familiar with Indian history and culture and they talk about their dreams and ambitions. Somtimes we talk on simple topics like family, life style, hobbies etc. This helps them to express their views in their own words. The areas which I work on while conducting a class are:

1. pronunciation

2. grammar

3. vocabulary

4. correct sentence formation

For complete beginners, I start from the basics like, pronouns, verb list and small sentences and go at a very slow pace during the initial classes so that it is easy for the students to follow. At the end of every class, I send notes on grammar rules and also send word files of our daily conversations so that students can revise at home and are better prepared for the next class.

I received the prestigious TEACHER'S AWARD in 2014
I train award winning students for inter school competitions.


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7606 Administrator 14 May 2018 07:48:58
Sraboni1 from India provides professional one to one Bengali lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.