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I love learning new languages and frankly it is easier and easier each time! Also I like to go out and walk in the city center because Saint Petersburg is marvelous and I`m in love with it <3 And cooking is my passion

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Russian Language is very beutiful and rich. A huge amount of literature geniuses wrote their masterpices in Russian that is why the worshipers of Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, Mayakovsy, Tolstoy, Chekhov and many others usually start to learn Russian to ba able to read their works in original. 

Russian is not the easiest language in the world but it is logical so if you follow the rules you know how to use it.

I always thought there aren`t bad students but there are bad teachers. If the student can`t understand a rule you just explain it not good enough! I can assure you I`m good at explaining! I`ve been teaching Russian since 2013 and I have a lot of positive feedbacks from my ex and current students from all over the world. And before Russian I was teaching English so I know how to do it right!

On my lessons I always try to make the student speak because knowing grammar is not all. The most important thing is to break a barrier and to start speaking. I think all the tools are good when you are learning the language so I use Russian films, music, cartoons, etc. on my lessons to make my student dive deep into Russian!

I became very good friends with plernty of my students and we still keep and touch and visit each others!

If you have decided to learn Russian I will definately help you!



I had one student who was a beginner when we met. In 9 months he started to work for one German newspaper and he writes his articles in Russian!
I make my lessons funny and interesting because the student learns better this way. I`m great with kids, I totally understand how to explain taught things to them. I organize different outdoor activities and excursions for my students.
There was 1 student who hated Russian and didn`t want to learn it but he really needed it for work. He was disrespectful and even used cursed words. It was difficult to teach him. But I found a way to this student and he has succesfully finished the course.


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AliceMalice from Russia provides professional one to one Russian lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.