Intermediate Spoken Chinese


This is Dai. I am a professional online Chinese teacher. I have been working as a Chinese mandarin teacher for almost 10 years. I can help with reading , writing , conversational Chinese ,HSK test and Chinese culture.I like playing basketball and watching NBA.

Price : US $18.00

The Intermediate Spoken Chinese is fit for the students who has known 1000 new words and want to improve their spoken chinese. I will explain to you about the new words and text , correct your pronunciation mistakes, cooperate with you to make conversations.  The recommended textbook is INTERMEDIATE SPOKEN CHINESE《中级汉语口语》(PEKING UNIVERSITY PRESS).

My major is History and i have got History Bachelor of History and High School Teacher Teacher Certification.
I have been a Chinese mandarin teacher since 2005. I can explain all the questions about learning Chinese in English. I can help with Chinese reading, writing, conversational Chinese, HSK test and Chinese culture. I strongly recommend you to have the textbook "CONVERSATIONAL CHINESE 301" if you are a beginner of Chinese learning. You can learn smoothly and systematically if you have a good textbook. Welcome you to contact me to learn Chinese. Thanks.


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Dandai from China provides professional one to one Chinese lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.