Johnny Conga

Johnny Conga, a Volcano Percussion endorser, has been performing for 53 years, as a “multi-percussion-specialist”, in the "Art of Afro-Cuban/Caribbean Drumming",and Latin Jazz music. Creator of A Hand to Drum Productions/Online Learning to provide ONLINE Instruction on the Conga drum..

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    Johnny Conga, a Volcano Percussion endorser, has been performing for 50 years, as a “multi-percussionist-specialist”, in the Art of Afro-Cuban/Caribbean drumming and Latin Jazz music.

 Creator of  A Hand to Drum Productions/Online Learning LLC 2012  to provide ONLINE Instruction on the Conga drum..

      Some of the Artists that “JC” have worked with cover the gamut of “styles” in music. Here is a short list:  Carlos Santana, Eddie Palmieri, Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77, Paquito D’Riviera, The Jackson 5, Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria,  Cerrone(France), Gloria Gaynor, Johnny Pacheco, Dave Valentine and over 100 other major artist’s in the United States and abroad. To date Johnny has been in 176  bands, over 200 recordings and has done 17 International tours, all around the world.      

 On Facebook,  and his popular  How to play the Conga drum videos on      over 700,000 hits


Former Grammy Member (Pacific Northwest chapter)-Governor and “Latin-Rep” 2007-2011

Member of BMI as composer/arranger

Member of  N.A.R.A.S.  (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) 

Member of L.A.R.A.S.   (Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences)  

Member of Percussive Arts Society

Endorsed by Volcano Percussion




Former Associate Professor at the University of Miami-Dept of  Perc.-1990-92 under the auspices of Professor Fred Wickstrom. Miami Florida.


Released first CD 1994 called Johnny Conga & Caribe + Roots of Rhythm on Skyward records.

Produced 2nd CD “Breaking Skin…

Produced Award winning 3rd CD OYE!..2012


Recognized by State of Florida as “Folklorist”-1997

 Former P.A.C. E.(performing arts and cultural education) Artist for Dade County, Florida 1995

 Recordings on Columbia-ABC-Polygram-Island-Roxbury-Skyward-Infinity-Cuni  and many others.

Producers: George S Clinton- Cheech and Chong-  Trevor Lawrence-John Arrias- Pete Moore(The Miracles), John Robinson, Ken Mansfield, Paul Dunlop,  Steve and Nat Kipner.(short list).



.  Studied   Djimbe and drum set at Jazzmobile-IS 201-NYCity, with Ritchie “Pablo” Landrum and Charlie Persip.

 Attended the  East 3rd St.  Music Settlement in 1972

 Johnny Colon School of Music NYC. Studied timbales and bongos with Manny Oquendo   and Nicky Marrero.

Studied   with  Ubaldo  Nieto(Machito Orchestra drummer) reading for timbales

Charlie Palmieri Salsa class orchestra at NYU 1973

Attended Los Angeles Community College 1976-78 Liberal Arts program studied percussion under  Dave Smith


50  years of performance in America, and to over 50 countries around the world.


 In Seattle,WA  in 2002-2011 I  have  taught at the following Institutions:


Former Adjunct faculty at Shoreline Community College as the 'first' Latin Percussion course ever in any Community College in Seattle.

  Former  staff  at  Cornish College of the Arts as ‘substitute’ since 2005 for the Latin ensemble for Jovino Santos Neto

 Bellevue Community College Jazz Orchestra-workshop on Latin rhythms

Puget Sound Community College- Latin percussion workshop for Jazz ensemble with Dr. Chris Stover

 Olympia Community College, Olympia WA.-substitute Instructor for percussion class

University of Washington-workshop on Afro-Cuban drumming and music with Teacher Michael Smolker

 Former staff at “Music Works” Northwest-Bellevue, Seattle-2002-2003

      My curriculum includes the Cuban method of learning how to play the Conga drums and the multitude of rhythms and styles of Cuban music, African, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and  Brasilian.

 What I teach is up to 100 Afro-Cuban/Caribbean rhythms and modern styles ex.Pop,Jazz,etc.

 What I teach online…

 Sound development and hand technique

5 points of the hand-Heel/Palm/Fulcrum/Inner Knuckles/Tip of fingers

Hand exercises which also include rudimentary exercises

Counting and reading for Conga drum

Drum ensemble with more than 3 or more drummers

The Clave and concepts in Clave

Notation for Conga drumming

Odd time playing-5 7 9

From one drum to 5 drums

CongaRobics™ for advanced players

Also included in learning How to play are Timbales and Bongos

Cognitive Discovery -A new way of learning how to learn, and program yourself with the drum.


 References upon request.




Have performed from Carnegie Hall to the Kennedy Center to the Olympia theater in Paris and many other major halls and theaters of the world. Recognized in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami for my contributions and achievements in the advancement of popular music culture. Recorded and Produced 5 CD's under my name Johnny Conga. Have taught at 5 Major Universities with my created curriculum of "Afro-Cuban/Caribbean Drumming and Music.
Patient...25 years of teaching experience around the world and Online,(past 10 years). Able to focus on the pupils strengths and weaknesses and to help them make the necessary adjustments in order to move forward on the Conga drum.


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5078 Mark Daspit 20 Feb 2015 15:53:01
JC is a guy who believes TEACHING is an art form, and he is good at it. He has a system, it's not random. A lot of guys can play, but not every guy who can play & can teach. Johnny Conga can do both.
5076 Administrator 20 Feb 2015 09:34:36
JohnnyConga8 from United States provides professional one to one Music Theory lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.
5075 Vinnie 19 Feb 2015 18:19:53
I just had a lesson yesterday with JC and I have to tell you he is a great teacher. He is challenging me with exercises to improve my tone with both hands.