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I am Desiree and I have a passion for life and for personal development.  I have found that learning to be organized in our lives can be transferable skills to any part of our lifestyle.  I have 14 years prior experience in IBM as an executive assistant and communication specialist.  It is time for me to extend my passion and my reality of loving organizating and the easiness of that to others.  I have a Bachelor's in Information Systems and learn applications easily and I am able to teach others in a manner they can remember and use in their daily lives immediately. 

My aim is to help people develop core personal develomental skills using technology and practical actions to improve their life styles.  I can use studies in the English Language and English Literature as vehicles to help this process.

I have recently begun my own virtual assistant business where I am self employed working in various industries: real estate, human resource, personal assistant and market researching using the skills I have gathered from my years in IBM and my degree in Information Systems.

I am here to teach you how to apply studies in school and previous work history to improve/organized your lifestyle to get the best out of life and reduce stress.  Are you struggling in math and want to use that to learn how to organized your life.  Want work out tips and how to translate that into developing a productive lifestyle.

Everything in our lives/experience can be used to help us be productive and create a life that is organized.  Will you join me?

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Certified in Human Resource Management
Microsoft products in a corporate setting - 2 years Public Speaking - 2 years Virtual Assistant - 1 year Women Empowerment - 5 years


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azalee777 from United States provides professional one to one Life Coach lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.