Fun with Prime Numbers-Fun for all ages!


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I am a licensed educator and mathmatics specialist. I have years of tutoring experience in K-12 in schools as well as online. I have experience as a Virtual Academy Instructor from my home office to students around the country.I enjoy running, swimming, hiking, gardening, as well as always being open to learning about the wonderful world in which we live.

Price : US $25.00

Goals of the Lesson:

  • Outcomes of lesson include how to understand the definition of what a prime number is while I use manipulatives to demonstrate the concept.
  • Learners experience lesson while we real time chat and they use their own easy to make materials while using some strategies to figure out what colors are the prime numbers.
  • Identify which color cubes are the prime numbers.  The cubes are arranged as consecutive numbers. For example, 10, 11, 12, etc.
  • We also identify all of the prime numbers up to 100.  Also have some fun with certain prime numbers, to encourage the learner to think of their own ways to connect to prime numbers.
  • We make connections while exploring the process of how we arrived at our answers.  My goal is to discover the process rather than arrive at the answer directly.


I graduated magna cum laude from college, earning my BS in Education. I attend and learn professional development courses. I have earned certificates of distinction in many areas, including teaching reading, methodologies for teaching mathematics, and biology.
passed CORI Background Check passed for Passed background check as a Virtual Academy Instructor to students in other states.


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Clarecomputertutor from United States provides professional one to one Logic lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.