Beginners in Double Bass

Matt Hadsell

Played Tuba and Double bass for 7 years Superiorly strong swimmer Studied Spanish for 4 years

Price : US $20.00

No bass guitar please.  Students interested  in the classic and jazz techniques of double bass as well as practical exercises allowing one to develop finger callis, hand/eye coordination, proper bow technique, and many more useful tips to further the capabilities of the student, transforming him/her into a full fledged musician.

Participated in the 2011 WSC Honors Band Member of Fairview Park Marching band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, String Orchestra, and Pit Orchestra
Can teach how to play Tuba, Double Bass, and some entry level spanish.
Jay Clark- (440)-734-2426 Cheryl Burdick- (440)-331-9129 Mike Carleton- (440)-734-2828


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1841 Administrator 02 Sep 2012 17:10:48
Madsell from Fairview Park United States provides professional one to one Bass Guitar lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.