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Hi everybody, my name is Xiao Feng and I am currently offering HIGH QUALITY Mandarin Chinese classes. I have experience teaching all levels of Chinese to people from many different countries, ages and backgrounds.

I am a very enthusiastic and patient person, with a passion for the Chinese language.

After trying one lesson with me you'll understand why my students rate me so highly! ^_^

What my students have to say about me:

Jessie from Australia says: Xiao Feng teaches at a consistently high level and is able to teach a variety of subjects ranging through clear explanations of the foundation subjects of language learning such as grammar, pronunciation and written language through to classes with historical, cultural, ethical, and artistic subject manner. I have always found her classes to be well prepared, easy to understand, clear and exciting to attend. <

Mike from England says: Xiao Feng has a very professional attitude towards teaching. I am a beginner student in the Chinese language but thanks to Ms. Wu I am now able to hold basic conversations and also write characters. I am always impressed with how much and how thorough preparation and research for each class is.

Lydia from America says: Her warm smile and friendly demeanor put me at ease, allowing me to practice a new language in a positive environment.  She encouraged fluency while never letting my pronunciation lag.  As our classes progressed, she gradually began speaking previously learned words and phrases in Mandarin instead of English until nearly the entire session was conducted in Mandarin.  Ms. Wu always had a relevant lesson prepared and was more than willing to adjust her lessons to cover vocabulary or dialogues we felt we needed for daily situations


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Xiaofeng from Canada provides professional one to one Chinese lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.