How to play the Conga drum

Johnny Conga

I have worked with some of the most famous Artist's in the World... Carlos Santana, Eddie Palmieri, Gloria Estefan, Cerrone, the Jackson 5, and many others. I have performed from Carnegie Hall in New York City to the Olympia theater in Paris France, and beyond. I have also taught my course in 5 different universities and colleges in the United States and is the only course of it's kind for the Conga drum. Interests are Music/Teaching/Performing/Radio Host/Producing/MC

Price : US $45.00

My course is called "Afro-Cuban/Caribbean Drumming and Music" for the Conga drum.  In this course you will learn thru a series of exercises and drills to 'train' the hands to become 'balanced' with stroking, sound development and technique. You will learn up to 100 rhythms and 'styles'(Pop/Rock/Salsa/Latin Jazz/Funk/Rumba/African and Brasilian, and others).  The Clave- Son and Rumba you will also learn, and how they are adapted to music  in conjunction with playing "in Clave' on the Conga drum. 

      You will learn how to write out what you will learn from me and create your own 'workbook'  as I like to say "First we work, then we Play! on the Conga drum. You will learn about the 'roots' and "history" of the men who brought the drum from Cuba to the United States and their musical legacy's. 

     You will learn how to play in a 'band ensemble' and what the 'role of the Conga drummer' is, and what is expected of him/her.

     Instruction is once a week at your time availability. You will have homework, be assessed and tested periodically.





I have worked in 0ver 183 bands to date. 17 World tours. Over 300 recordings and 5 CD's under my own name Johnny Conga. Golden Ear/Seattle Jazz Award for my CD-OYE! Certified as "Folklorist' in the State of Florida. Also 'radio host since 1977 at 3 radio stations-KXLU 88.9FM Los Angeles KBCS.91.3FM- Seattle,WA and currently at WDNA.ORG 88.9fm-Miami,Fl
A true methodology of learning how to play the Conga drum and all that goes with it. Included is the "Cuban' methods, developed in Cuba over many years, and my methods created over the past 30 years. I only teach those that have conga drums and are over 18 years of age.


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Johnnyconga from United States provides professional one to one Drum lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.