Tips for Preparing for an Audition

If you are interested in any kind of performing arts, and wish to perform, whether you do it as a hobby or as a career, you will have to go through an audition, which is a time to showcase your talent.  Here are a few tips on what to do to prepare for an audition, whether you are an actor, singer, or a dancer.

1) Pick a relatable piece.  If you are acting, choose a monologue you can relate to.  For example, if the monologue has a sad tone, try to recall a sad memory in order to make your acting appear more genuine.  This also pertains to singers.  If you are a singer, then find a song you can relate to.  If you choose a love song, maybe think about your loved ones while you are singing.  Lastly, if you are a dancer, you can recall memories to make you feel the emotion of the song.  Maybe you would think of sad times if you have a slow ballad, and happy times if you have a more upbeat song.

2) Consistently practice.  Of course, not only should you prepare by performing your audition piece over and over, but also, try to perform for audiences as much as possible.  You may wish to simply perform informally for your friends and family, and if you can, try to find opportunities to perform at karaoke events, open mic nights, talent shows, etc.  You can even get your practice at different auditions.  You know have had enough practice if you can perfectly perform your piece even on your worst day ever.

3) Be aware of your abilities.  This tip is mostly pertinent for singers and dancers.  If you are a singer, be sure that your song has notes well within your vocal range, so that not only can you sing the song easily, but it will also sound great.  If you are a dancer, make sure you only perform moves that you know you are physically capable of doing.  Do not try to add complex moves hoping to impress the judges, if you are not capable of doing them.

4) Stay healthy.  Having a successful audition requires having both a healthy a voice and healthy body.  This means you should eat healthy, sleep sufficiently, and get some exercise everyday for at least a week before your audition.  When the day of the audition comes, if you are a singer, try not to consume foods that may affect your voices.  No matter what, however, always be sure to have enough food so that you have enough energy to perform your best at the audition, but also, do not overeat, so that you won't feel sick and full during the audition.  Lastly, drink plenty of water!

5) Don't worry about mistakes.  If you ever happen to make a mistake during your audition, don't worry too much.  Just pretend like it didn't happen and continue.  For example, if you are acting out a monologue and forget a line, just improvise some words that logically flow with the monologue.  If you are singing, you can do the same thing with lyrics.  You can just simply sing some vowels or other lyrics, but make sure you commit to what you do.  Also, remember that even professional singers don't always hit all the right notes.  If you are dancing and you forget a dance move, just think of something, but make sure you are still moving to the rhythm of the music.

6) Overcome stage fright.  Stage fright is simply an emotional state of mind.  When you walk into the audition room, convince yourself that you are capable of succeeding, and believe in yourself.  Just try to have fun and smile!

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