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Mans Best Hybrid Friend

Mans Best Hybrid Friend

Do you remember the days when a dog was just a dog, you didn’t care what breed it was, in fact, the only breeds we knew where dulux, andrex and lassie.  Now dogs are almost a status symbol. Over the last few years we’ve seen a multitude of stars with their new four-legged designer friends.  The Pekinese, the French bulldog or the handbags favourite, the Chihuahua. But as with all great trends times have moved on, it’s not enough to own a shar-pei, now it has to be cleverly mixed to create something as trendy as a shar-perd, a shar-pei- german shepard hybrid.

So much so in fact, while sitting on the train not so long ago, I overheard a young girl, no more than 7 or 8, asking her mum if she could get a jug for her birthday, what a strange request I thought, upon further eaves-dropping I discovered it was in fact a jack-russel-pug cross.  No longer is the common mongrel adequate.

But for once, celebrities  slavery to fashion may actually be a good thing.  It has long been recognised that pure breeds come with their own set of inter-breeding problems, for example, spaniels are prone to hip dysplasia, which can cause malformation of the hips joints.  Cross-contaminating their DNA could eliminate a lot of these issues.

So as an animal lover I feel I should do my bit. I’m off to get myself a bull-dog/shihtzu cross, and shall call it billy.


About the author : The above article was written by Clare Nixon.

The Importance of Animals

The Importance of Animals

The following article, 'The Importance of Animals' was written by Alexandra Farnese.

I’ve owned animals for over seventeen years, ranging from dogs to cats and even rats.  I feed them almost constantly because they are always hungry (they are always jumping on the table and nicking the food off your plate!)  If you don’t eat fast in my house, you don’t eat at all!  I clean after them even though it’s not a pleasant job; thinking about something you like or enjoy is the only thing which helps me get through the cleaning!  I’ve taken care of them when they have been ill; it breaks my heart when I know they are sick. Taking care of animals is a huge bonding experience; they become a part of your life and a member of the family. Some people ask me if I prefer animals to humans and the answer is, yes I do.

I’ve had difficulty most of my life making friends and maintaining relationships.  Humans have failed to understand my way of thinking and the way I behave, I.E I am an odd ball.  Animals aren’t judgmental like humans are; if you show compassion and love to animals then they will show you compassion and love back, unlike humans. Basically, some humans are cold hearted idiots.  When no one has been there for me, my pets have and they make me feel loved and wanted.

Some closed minded humans think animals don’t have personalities when that is far from the truth.  All of the animals I have owned have had their own unique personality. The youngest cat I own at the moment is very needy, obsessive and playful and the oldest cat I own is fat and lazy who is a loner and doesn’t care about me or the rest of the family.

There have been many studies and media coverage to show the importance of animals.  Animals save lives of humans all over the world every day. A cat called Oreo woke her family up with her cries when the cat noticed the house at caught on fire, the cries woke up the mother and she took Oreo and the rest of the family outside and called emergency services, the experience made the family bond more with Oreo.  A dog called Penny and her owner noticed a woman floating in a river, when Penny’s owner shouted “fetch!” Penny ran into the river, swam to the woman and pulled her to the shore.  Stories like this are all over the internet and it proves how caring animals really are.

“Animals can feel pain, suffering, stress, fear and panic. People have the moral obligation and duty to respect animals and care about the life and welfare of animals whose survival depends directly on them. People are under obligation to care for the preservation of species and the protection of life and well-being of each individual animal”.- (Animal Welfare Law of the Republic of Serbia)

I advise everyone to own a pet or at least spend time with and bond with a pet belonging to a family member or friend because like us, they need love to and the experience you share with them is amazing and like no other you could have with a human.


About the author : Alexandra Farnese is a Bath Spa creative writing and media communications graduate.


The above article was produced by Alexandra Farnese. It does not necessarily represent the views of LearnByCam.

Teach Pet And Animal Care Online With Skype

Teach Pet And Animal Care Online With Skype

Are you passionate about pets or crazy about cats?  Do you have years of experience of looking after dogs, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs or even snakes? If you do then why not share your knowledge of pet and animal care skills with others and earn a little on the side by teaching online via Skype. LearnByCam enables you to teach online using your web browser and web cam.  Simply list your lessons on our site which then get promoted and advertised to potential students all over the world.  Your lessons could be anything from simply answering questions on your area of expertise, to more structured lessons relating to breeding, grooming, animal behaviour, environment or what advice and tips you would give to someone considering purchasing a particular animal to keep as a pet.

The lessons can be anything you like and you can charge anything from US$10 to US$100 per lesson. You do not need any formal qualifications to be a tutor on our site; you just need to be knowledgeable and passionate about pets and animal care. Not only is it free to register but you can choose the hours you wish to work. As lessons take place using our Virtual Classroom or Skype, you can work from the safety and comfort of your home or office. Using Skype to teach online works really well and can be great fun.

So, whether you have veterinary skills, studied zoology or have experience of looking after hamsters, parrots, iguanas, spiders or even large or small working animals, why not click on our introductory page for further details - Teach Pet And Animal Care Online With Skype

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