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Fashion As A Symbol

Fashion As A Symbol

An established and iconic designer once stated that ‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening’.

Not only does this expression illustrates both the exploratory and captive nature of design, it also refers to the many pieces of fashion that are symbolic. The latter statement may at first cause the reader to visualise a t-shirt with a logo that symbolises the personal opinion of a young person, as portrayed through the eye of an industry, however in a more historic context fashion symbolises belief or lack thereof.

Historic dress tells a story, symbolises a life and gives away so much about not only the individual but also the entire generation. What the wearer is draped in is not so much a reflection of the individual but a reflection of the culture, the time, after all a wealthy figure draped in expensive clothing is as much a product of his day and age as the clothing he wears. It could be said that fashion is politics, fashion is culture and fashion is a mirror of idealism within a generation, a factor that can form your acquaintance opinion before you say a word. ‘Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening’.

Fashion Tips, How To Make Ripped And Destroyed Jeans

Fashion Tips, How To Make Ripped And Destroyed Jeans

We, as a people, like to keep up with the world and be a part of what's happening. The reason being is because it gives us a sense of belonging. One way in which we show our need to keep up with the world is by following trends. Whether we're following the latest trending topic on Twitter, or keeping up with the latest technology, we all follow some sort of trend. I think, perhaps, the biggest trend of all in which we ALL try to keep up with, is none other than fashion. With the spring season approaching, we're bound to see many different trends emerging from the fashion world, and it's up to oneself to decide which trend/s that they want to hop on board with. However, one trend in particular has stood out to me this season, mainly because it's so simple! Everyone is able to hop on board with this trend, no matter one's size, shape, etc., which is why I'd like to inform everyone about it.

Jeans are easily one of the most versatile looks that a person can pull from in the history of fashion. Whether they're light or dark, wide-leg or skinny-leg, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of jeans. What's so amazing about them is that they can be worn casually or you can dress them up; it all depends on the occasion. Over the years, we've seen this particular trend with jeans gradually make its way to the forefront of the fashion industry: “Destroyed” jeans. Who would've thought that putting holes and rips in the front of your jeans would be stylish? Also known as “Ripped Jeans”, it first became popular in the late 80's/early 90's as a grunge/pop-rock/punk sort of style. However, recently we've modernized the style, and they have become a very popular trend once again amongst many fashion stylist. Many celebrities have been spotted taking part in this trend; Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and the Kardashian sister's to name a few. The destroyed jeans were also seen on the runway during New York Fashion Week for Spring 2014 trends. With that being said, a pair of these jeans are definitely a must for this spring and summer!
One could most certainly go in almost any store today and find a pair of these jeans on the racks! Here's a couple of the stores I've personally seen and purchased some from:
Forever 21 (
Urban Outfitters (
Macy's (

On the other hand, the good thing about this trend, and what makes it one of the best trends we've come across thus far in the fashion world (in my opinion), is that if you're on a budget or just wanting to save money, you can still be a part of the trend by simply creating the look on your own. That's right, you can become your own stylist! All you need is a pair of jeans (preferably an old pair), a pair of scissors and/or razor, and a little style! I love it because there's no distinct way that one has to make the jeans. One can simply cut two holes in the knees of the jeans, fray the edges of the holes, and VOILÀ! They've created the look! However, if one would like to make them a little more “fancy”, there are countless tutorials on how to make these type of jeans. Just simply go to, type in the search box “DIY (do it yourself) Destroyed/Ripped jeans, and you'll be bombarded with tons of videos on how to create the look.

My advice: Just get creative with it! These will be your own signature pair of jeans. Maybe use a color jean like red, black, or any pastel color (since it is spring!). Or, use high-waisted jeans (which are also back in style).

All in all, whether you create your own jeans or buy them from a store, this is one trend that is definitely worth being a part of! It's chic, it's comfortable, and it's affordable on any budget! One can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans. :)

Best Hairstyles For 2014

Best Hairstyles For 2014

The reign of the hair straightener has come to end.  After years of us being attached to our beloved irons, we can finally put them to the back of the drawer and go for something a little more natural.  This season is all about the curl; but don’t panic.  Anyone who remembers the perms of the 80’s will have every reason to feel concerned.  Fortunately those days have moved on; think more soft waves and beach-ready hair.  Now being set on much larger rollers, it creates a look of gentle movement that you can just wash and leave.  Apply a small amount of pommade or sea-salt spray hairspray and you’re ready, half the time, half the fuss.

Alternatively the short crop will also be big news this season.  In pastel tones of silver and white, it’s a definite nod to the sharp androgyny of the early 80’s.  It’s not only bang on style, but really low maintenance.  Although needing more regular cuts,  day-to-day, it’s very easy.  Short doesn’t have to mean boring though,  cropped styles can be just as versatile.  With all the different products available these days, you just need to play around with them and experiment.

Styling wise, think, low-parting, low pony-tails and low slung buns.  Messy chic will be the everyday look for all.  Every style can take advantage of one these trends, bringing it right up to date with very little effort; and with the busy lives we all need, that can only be a good thing.

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