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Skype Maths Teachers, Mathematics Lessons and Classes Online

Skype Maths Teachers, Mathematics Lessons and Classes Online

Do you need help with Mathematics or are seeking help with your Maths homework? Whether you need help with GCSE, K-12 or A-Level Maths we have a great selection of Skype Maths teachers that can assist you with Linear Algebra, Applied Calculus, Laws of Logarithm and much more. Our experienced and passionate teachers are able to deliver a one-to-one personalised Maths class specifically tailored to your individual needs. Many of our teacher have taught in the finest schools and Universities and are able to give you the exact Maths help you need. Not only can you save time and money learning from the comfort of home using webcams and Skype, but you also get the help when you most need it, at times convenient to you. Furthermore, many of our Skype teachers offer the first Maths lesson for free so you can try without any risks or obligations.

Here LearnByCam's very own Skype Maths teacher, 'shabeck1018' explains how he can help students in his Maths class, 'Arithmetic to Algebra', "Do you need help revising or learning key Mathematical principles that you have never grasped? If so, then one-on-one tutoring is what you need. I can help any level of Mathematics from Elementary up to Algebra II and introductory Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus/Differential Calculus. The key is to find out where you are struggling and then to stabilize the foundational mathematical principles which are causing confusion, before applying this to the specific area of mathematics you are currently studying. In this way you can build up your confidence in the fact that you are able, with hard-work and perseverance, to excel in Mathematics. I look forward to helping you to attain this goal :-)!"

Whilst another Maths teacher, 'Amy Molina' outlines her experience in her class, 'Maths Problems', "Hello! My name is Amy Molina. This lesson session for me to help you or your child  with any kind of trouble with understanding math problems from what formulas to use, how to do each step, even practicing how to easily  remember each step and formula.  This is to enhance your learning how to solve the problems and really understand the work at hand if you are having trouble understanding it the way your teacher/professor may be explaining it. I will teach the steps and skills in the most simple way I can for a better chance at grasping each concept. I am able to help with math for grades K- 11th grade from simple math to geometry.

So if you need help with anything from fractions and decimals to Homogeneity of Variance and Trigonometric Functions why not book an online Maths lesson or class with one of our experienced Skype teachers today!

Learn Mathematics Online, Find Skype Math Tutors

Learn Mathematics Online, Find Skype Math Tutors

Do you struggle with Mathematics? Need help with GCSE, A-Level or University Maths? Do you need to find an experienced maths Skype teacher who can help you with Linear Algebra, Applied Calculus, Laws of Logarithm, Decimals, Fractions or other related maths subjects? Well do not worry, you are at the right place! At LearnByCam we are blessed with some of the most experienced Mathematics Skype teachers and tutors. It does not matter what level you are currently at, whether a complete beginner or someone who needs help with math homework or exam preparation.

Our teachers are able to deliver a personalised one to one lesson specifically tailored to your needs. You can learn from the comfort and safety of your home either using Skype or our Virtual Classroom. Many of our teachers offer the first lesson for free, so you can try them without any risk or obligation. Most importantly they are knowledgable, passionate and are able to give you the exact math help you need.

LearnByCam's very own Mathematics Skype teacher Tom Gray outlines his motivations when teaching students maths; "My mission is to help students overcome their learning obstacles through patience, guidance, caring and humor. I help students improve their grades, raise their test scores, learn productive study skills, build their academic self-confidence, and reach their full potential."

Mathematics doesn't have to be boring. In fact, even fractions can be fun! Don't believe me? Well, here you can see our very own mathematics teacher Vanessa Aslan-Blair, demonstrating how "Ninja Fractions Adding and Subtracting with Common Demoniators" can be fun!

So whether you need help with Effect Size, Homogenity of Variance, Polynomial, Rational, Expotential, Trigonometric Functions, or assistance with solving systems of Non-Linear equations or probability and sequences, we have the perfect Skype teacher available for you. Simply select from some of our dedicated Maths tutors below to learn more.

The Magic Of Vedic Math & How To Do Complex Calculations In Your Head

The Magic Of Vedic Math & How To Do Complex Calculations In Your Head

Mathematics can be fun and easy if you know how.  With some simple skills you can learn how to do rapid math calculations with ease.  With a few tips and a bit of practice you will be able to do what seem to be complex calculations in your head, faster than your friends can do on a calculator. So dive in and become a ‘Math Magician’ within minutes. 

Let’s show you a few tricks...


How to multiply any two digit number by 11

Lets say for example 53 x 11 = ?


Add the 2 digits (5 + 3) and place the answer between the two digits.

So 53 x 11 = 583 That’s it, how simple is that?

What if the two digits add up to more than 10, simply carry the 1….

39 x 11 =  429  

3+9=12, add the 1 to the first digit, and place the 2 in between the two digits as before. 


Multiplying 2 digit numbers where the last 2 digits add up to 10 & first digits are the same.

For example 34 x 36 = ?  (first 2 digits are the same as in 3 and the last two add up to 10, 4+6 =10).


Step 1.  Add 1 to first digit and multiply this by first digit (3+1=4)   4*3=12

Step 2.  Multiply the second digit by the second digit 4x6=24

Step 3.  Place the two totals together and you have the answer 1224

So 34 x 36 = 1224


Squaring any two digit number ending in 5

For example 95x95 = ?


Multiply first digit by first digit + 1, and then add the number 25 on the end

9x10=90 then place 25 on the end = 9025 


These are just a few of many simple methods which can make mathematical problems much simpler to process in our heads.  These can be used in every day life as well as for showing off in social gatherings.

It’s amazing to think that these tricks utilise techniques that are believed to have been formed a few thousand years ago as a branch of Hindu mathematics in northern India.  These ancient Indian texts contain 16 Vedic sutras which together describe ways of solving all sorts of mathematical problems.  Venkatraman Shastri (born 1884) brought Vedic math to the modern world through his book titled “Vedic Mathematics”.

We would be interested to know if these Vedic math techniques are actually taught today in schools anywhere around the world.  None of us here at LearnByCam were taught this way, but we wish we were.  Please leave a comment if you were taught the Vedic methods.  

We hope you have found this interesting and would like to learn more.   We here at LearnByCam have many mathematics teachers who can teach you online to anywhere in the world via webcam.  Have a browse through our teachers and click the contact button to ask them what they can teach you.  

You may also be interested in a fantastic book regarding math magic entitled “Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagican’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks” you can find it on Amazon via the following links…

USA Amazon Canada Amazon UK Amazon

Finally we’d like to show you this incredible video of Arthur Benjamin, co author of the book above. Here he demonstrates that with a lot of practice you can completely blow peoples minds with your mathematic abilities.


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