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Learn Engineering With Skype Teachers

Learn Engineering With Skype Teachers

Are you struggling to learn Engineering? Need help with an impending Engineering exam or looking for an Engineering teacher who can teach you online using a webcam and Skype? Perhaps you have to write an essay on turbo machinery, propulsion, aerodynamics or heat transfer? Well, do not worry; help is only a mouse click away. Whether you need assistance with the principles of electrical engineering or fluid mechanics, we have a great choice of online Engineering teachers to select from. If the area you are seeking help with is civil, mechanical, electrical or electronic engineering, within minutes you can be learning in a personalised one-to-one online Skype Engineering lesson that has been specifically tailored to your needs. As lessons take place online via Skype or our Virtual Classroom you are able to learn from the safety and comfort of your home, without having to travel in order to find an Engineering teacher. Some of our teachers offer the "First Lesson for Free", so you can try them out without any risk or obligations. Our teachers are passionate, experienced and able to give you the exact help you are looking for.

Want to know more about some of our teachers? Here LearnByCam's online engineering teacher; Tanzim Nasir outlines how he can help in his class; "Applied Statics-Mechanics (University)", "Struggling with Statics/Mechanics? Shear Force, Bending Moment, Distributed Load, Truss, Frames, Moment of Inertia.....nothing makes any sense? It's really easy when you have the right tutor. Let me help you. This is Tanzim. I am a Masters research student in Mechanical and Material Engineering. I have been tutoring Statics/Mechanics/Strength of Materials for many years. I have developed a step by step method for students of all standards. I can make this course easy and enjoyable. I will provide all my personal notes, tons of examples, and practice materials for most student's benefits. I can absolutely assure you that you will be satisfied with my performance and will get excellent grades."

Whilst another engineering teacher; Kery Ghassan highlights what he covers in his lesson; "Properties and Failure of Materials", "The service capabilities of alloys and their relationship to microstructure as produced by thermal and mechanical treatments; tensile and torsion tests; elements of dislocation theory; strengthening mechanisms; composite materials. Modes of failure of materials; fracture, fatigue, wear, creep, corrosion, radiation damage. Failure analysis. Material codes; material selection for design."

So if you are a student or someone needing help with Green Energy, Mechanical Engineering Drawing or Modelling, Simulation and Control Systems we have the perfect Engineering teacher available for you. Simply select from some of our dedicate tutors below and book an online Engineering lesson today.

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