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Pros and Cons of Internet Shopping

Pros and Cons of Internet Shopping

I’m a huge shopaholic, like most women I enjoy buying new clothes and if I could I would go shopping every day. I used to go shopping almost every weekend in the West End with my family when I was a child, it was one of the very few things which made me happy and gave me a buzz. Ever since Internet shopping hit the world by storm I have wanted to make a pros and cons list to see whether it is a positive or negative thing on our society, so here is a list of the pros and cons of internet shopping.

Due to my shopping addiction I rarely go into stores because I see tops or pairs of trousers I like and due to very little self-control I end up spending money I don’t have, this is why I usually stick to buying clothes online, you have more control of your spending that way.
Sites like Amazon, Play and Ebay are great places to buy from as they have cheap and second hand products, this is great if you are looking for a bargain.
The internet has unique and unusual products which you may not be able to find in stores.
You save money on travel.
When you go shopping for clothes, DVD’s, gadgets etc. you become hungry and you end up spending more money buying food and drink.
You don’t have to deal with large crowds, feeling claustrophobic, people knocking into you and rude people getting into arguments.
Some disabled and some old people depend on having their shopping delivered to them.

When you buy clothes online you can’t try them on, if they don’t fit you because you are still overweight from Christmas you have to send them back which is time consuming.
Your packages are usually delivered during the day when you are at work/school so you need to leave work/school early to collect your package from the post office, you are rushing and muttering to yourself,” why can’t they stay open for longer?” before it closes, again this is time consuming and stressful.
Some elderly people don’t use the internet so they need to buy their shopping from stores. As some elderly people are lonely they enjoy speaking to store staff and shopping helps fill up their day.
If you have the day off work/school and you are expecting a package to be delivered, you have to spend the whole day, usually between 9-5am waiting downstairs bored. What is especially annoying is when the postman knocks with your package when you are on the toilet!
If you want further information on a product, you can’t ask someone for help or advice like you can in a store.
 Retail sites like Amazon are putting stores out of business, over the past few years stores like Woolworths, Clintons, HMV, Blockbuster and MFI. This means putting working class families out of work in a difficult recession England is experiencing.
Sometimes packages are delivered broken or damaged.

I have come up with exactly seven cons and seven pros.  The internet is a powerful tool which has amazing and positive effects for society but also negative and dangerous effects.  Although many people, including myself don’t want all retail stores to close but due to the popularity of the internet but I can see it continuing to happen until we all become 100% dependent on the internet.

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”- Albert Einstein

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