Be Safe Online

Important Tips To Protect You

We want you to be Safe Online and when using LearnByCam.

Please read the following advice.


Communicating with others online is safer than communicating face to face. As there is no physical contact, you can come to no physical harm.

LearnByCam protects your identity by withholding sensitive information such as your email address/Skype details etc. This is only released once both parties agree to go ahead and the student has paid the release fee.

Once you establish a Student/Tutor relationship treat this as you would any relationship in the real world. You have only just met so do not share other personal details such as home address, phone numbers etc until you feel more comfortable.

Avoiding Scammers

We recommend the following steps in order to help protect YOU against scams and scammers.

  • NEVER wire funds via Western Union, Moneygram or any other wire service.
  • NEVER accept cashier cheques or money orders.
  • NEVER give out financial information such as Bank Account Number, Sort Code, Social Security Numbers.
  • NEVER give out authentication information, such as passwords etc.
  • LEARNBYCAM will NEVER ask you for your passwords.
  • Ensure ALL financial transactions are carried out ONLY using PayPal.

Why We Recommend PayPal

PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. We recommend that you ONLY use PayPal for financial transactions as you are able to send funds safely without having to share your financial details with others. Your information is kept private. PayPal have a team of over 2,000 specialists working to protect you from fraud and identity theft. To help prevent fraudulent activity, every transaction is reviewed by state of the art security models. PayPal ensure users who send or receive large amounts of money have successfully completed their verification system and identity checks.

Click here to create a PayPal account if you do not already have one
Be Safe Online

Notes For Students

ALWAYS ensure that you have contacted the teacher and agreed the time, price and content of the lesson BEFORE booking and purchasing a lesson with them. If the teacher does not show up for the lesson or does not deliver the lesson you expected, contact them and try to reschedule the lesson.

You can also ask the teacher for a full or partial refund and leave public feedback about that teacher. If you are still not satisfied contact the LearnByCam admin team or PayPal to investigate details of that transaction.

Notes For Tutors

ALWAYS ensure that you have communicated with the student and agreed the time, price and content of the lesson beforehand. If you are unable to teach the student, inform them as soon as possible.

Ensure you have received payment (if applicable) from the student BEFORE teaching your lesson.

If the student fails to show up for the lesson, contact them and try to reschedule the lesson. If the student is unhappy for whatever reason consider offering a full or partial refund