Guidelines For Article Submissions

  1. Articles must have proper English (including correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation & sentence structure). Article length should be between 250 and 1000 words.
  2. Articles must be original, created by you (or your team), must not contain rehashed content, material overly similar to prior submissions, promoting a competitor to LearnByCam and should not be something which is already published elsewhere on the internet.
  3. Articles must not contain negative content towards any product, company, individual or group.
  4. Articles must not contain illegal, overly controversial, profane, pornographic content or information which promotes unethical business practices, internet activities or anything that would create a poor user experience for web users.
  5. Articles should be interesting, helpful, and informative to our visitors.
  6. Links to external sites may be removed if deemed inappropriate. As we cannot vouch for external sites all links will use the nofollow attribute.
  7. Photographic submissions must be clear, good quality photos. You must have the rights to use any submitted images. Images must be externally hosted, and must have a maximum width of 640 pixels
  8. Video submissions must be clear and good quality. You must have the rights to use submitted videos. Videos must be externally hosted on YouTube.
  9. If you are a company there may be a small charge involved, please contact us for details.
  10. LearnByCam reserves the right to reject, edit, amend and translate content as required. Any article posted is at the discretion of LearnByCam. We may also remove previously authorised articles from the LearnByCam site without prior warning. All decisions will be final and all articles will be moderated by the judges.

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